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The Community Council of Pomos, has already finished enough work of infrastructure of its community, that aim to the upgrade of the community and its transformation in a modern village, that might offer to its residents a better quality of life.

Certain of the work which are already finished are mentioned below:

•  Creation of entry points with “Welcome” signs.

•  The manufacture of a piscatorial shelter which entertains the fishing boats of the residents of the village and those near to the region.

•  Widening and paving with asphalt of the streets of the community.

•  The creation of the community football ground that is found in the East Side of the    village and includes enough comforts such as locker rooms and lighting.

•  The creations of the community medical center next to the central church of the village,    where one day every week, a doctor watches the health of the residents.

•  The creation of a community kindergarten room, next to the elementary school of the    community.

•  Addressing and numbering of all the streets of the community.

•  Creation of a mosaic at the entrance of the community.

•  Construction of public lavatories and showers at the port.


•  Construction of new community buildings.


•  Construction of a lifeguard tower.

•  Upgrade of the fountain area, at the location “Pervoli” and lining of the area with stone.

•  Lining of various retaining walls with stone.


•  Hydromorphological restoration of the river bank zone.


•  New water drilling.



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